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Who is it? 

My name is Mazzy.  I contributed to all of the writing at unfurling.net, and which is published, broadcast or performed using my pen name Pauline Masurel.  If you would like to get in touch then you can email mazzy@unfurling.net

Writing doesn't exist in isolation; it has many contributaries and confluences.  Those listed are just a few of the individuals and groups who have inspired, educated and enabled my writing or collaborated with me.  Thank you to A Word in your Ear, Company of Writers, Heads & Tales, Writers Junction, the Watermark writers and tutors at Bath Spa University College, A4 Writers in Reading, Maev, Jevalenazdeth, Randy Adams and trAce, the School of Continuing Education at Reading University. Also to Ant, Everdeen Tree, Randy Nehila and to my long-suffering spouse.

Finally, there are the words themselves, without which nothing could be written, and those who are curious enough to read or listen to them.  Thank you all.

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