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Writing in print

Many of Pauline Masurel's short and tiny stories have been included in anthologies.  Most recently, I Found Myself Lost joins over seventy other prize-winning flash fictions in the anthology Fuel which is published in February 2023 to raise money for UK charities fighting fuel poverty.  The story was first published in Signposts by the Gloucestershire Writers Nework in October 2021 and was the winning prose entry in their annual competition 

Cover Art by Marie Leadbetter border=
Cover art: Marie Leadbetter  Cover design: Katie Jacobs

Fledglings was published in Stroud Short Stories Volume Three in September 2022 and The Kingfisher Bride appeared in the Stroud Short Stories Volume One, published in 2015.

The flash fiction Toy Soldier was published in Landmarks, the anthology for National Flash Fiction Day 2015, and To Test The Senses Of Worms was included in Eating My Words, the 2014 anthology.  That tiny story was inspired by Chris Beardshaw's BBC4 programme, Deep Down & Dirty: The Science of Soil and by Charles Darwin's work, The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms.

Cover Design: National Flash-Fiction Day
Cover: National Flash-Fiction Day

Bristol Woman Magazine featured the flash fiction Cappuccino in their Summer 2014 issue.

Ironing Night was published in the Transgression issue of Litro magazine in April 2013. It poses the question What's more important? The fetish or the relationship?

10:05-11:05 is a short-short story, set in Bath, which was included in the anthology Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories.  This book of fifty-three tiny stories by writers from the West Country was published in May 2012 by Flash-Fiction South West to celebrate the first National Flash-Fiction Day.

Cover: Flash-Fiction South West

The Honeymoon Couple tells the tale of a single woman's holiday in Sicily, against the backdrop of Mount Etna.  It was a runner up in the Chapter One Promotions International Short Story Competition 2010 and published in the anthology The Graft in August 2012.

3 Fantastic Places to Stay appear in Classifieds, an anthology of prose poems, published by Equinox Publishing in February 2012.

Song Without Words tells the story of a woman who has begun losing things, including her memory.  It features in the anthology Loss, from Inkermen Press, which was published in September 2009.

Cover Design by Sarah Emily Edmond. Sarah's collages are crafted from a fusion of materials and found objects. She blends envelope insides and old fabric with plastic and paint to make tactile designs and images. This is her first book cover. For further information or to see her portfolio please message  sarie8@gmail.com
Cover: Sarah Emily Edmond

Discovering a Comet was published by Leaf Books in November 2008, in the collection Discovering a Comet and More Micro-Fiction.  The story was runner-up in their 2008 competition.

Also from the same publisher, the collection Ada and More Nano-fiction was published in July 2009 and includes the tiny story Lost Plot

Reality TV, Cappuccino and All That Glistens is not Jello appear in the anthology Watermark.  All three stories take an unusual slant on aspects of everyday life.  The book contains new writing by thirty-five graduates from the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University College.  It was launched at the Bath Literature Festival in February 2005.

Quitting is a short story that dwells upon the perils of an addiction to knitting and how a self-help organisation to reform the afflicted turns out to be more trouble than the vice that the founder was seeking to cure.  It was published in the January/February 2004 edition of The New Writer.

Static tells of one woman's solitary existence on the Welsh coast and her relationship with her absent niece.  It was published by Tindal Street Press in 2002, together with twenty other short stories by women writers, in the anthology Her Majesty, edited by Jackie Gay and Emma Hargrave.  The book is available in paperback from Amazon.co.uk.

Cover Design by Sally Moore Designs for Tindal Street Press
Cover: Sally Moore

Cow Tipping is the story of six Irish sisters and their different readings — the last silent — of an incident from childhood involving a dead cow on the cliffs.  It is one of thirty London Magazine stories included in Signals 3, edited by Jane Rye with a foreword by the late Alan Ross.

Presumed Missing concerns the predicament and freedom of being cast adrift at sea. It was first published in 1997 in Writing Women (Vol 13 No 1).

Little Acorns was second in an illustrated story competition in 1996, and published in Story Cellar Issue 5. Making Arrangements, examining the organisational tendencies of three generations of women, was published the year before in Issue 3.

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