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Writing online

Pauline Masurel read I Found Myself Lost at the online launch for the flash fiction anthology Fuel, which was hosted by Writers' HQ on 15 February 2023.  You can watch a recording of the event.

The story The True Garden was performed online in April 2021 by Kilter Theatre, in collaboration with A Word in Your Ear, as part of their Storyopathy series.

Because I am not... is a flash fiction published online by Spontaneity in 2014; it was inspired by Amanda Jane Mason's Lipstick.

The Warrener's Daughter is a Tube-Flash by Pauline Masurel, which was added to The Casket of Fictional Delights in 2013.

From 2010 - 2013 Pauline Masurel blogged about short fiction at the Thresholds international short story forum.

The collage of spam, From My Nigerian Connection, was published by PenTales in October 2011 as one of the winners of their Connected contest, which collected together stories from around the world.

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The tiny story Leftovers was published in April 2010 in Issue 2 of Spilt Milk Magazine and a conversation with the editor, Sam Peczek, was recorded as a podcast later the same year.

Other very short stories by Pauline Masurel can be found at fifty word fiction.

The Blind Tiler's Assistant is a fictional reflection upon the nature of collaborative digital creation.  It was originally published in February 2001 in by the trAce Online Writing Centre in frAme5:Digital Labour, for Love or Money. It's broken now but might eventually get mended again.

Days Out 4Writers Junction are online reports of offline events.  They include accounts of a Writing Day in Swindon in 2003, as part of the Mslexia Ignite The Writer Roadshow, plus Helen Dunmore, Jackie Kay and Ali Smith speaking the same year about short stories and a presentation by David Crystal on Language and the Internet at the Bath Literature Festival in 2002.

Blue Hyacinth is a writer's notebook, which was originally written online over a period of six-months during 2001-2002.

Claims was a Mutual Web entertainment created by Randy Adams, Everdeen Tree and Pauline Masurel.  It set sail in July 2002 at Incubation2 with a demonstration of Claims Version 0.0

Then there were various activities in MOOs.  These included contributions to areas in and around The Boulevard des Desseins project at Lingua MOO, such as The House of Words events, and the Lost Property Office.  Anyone can log in as a Guest and explore via the Collaboratory.  There was also a Dual Sestina Duel, devised with Bernard Cohen, involving a pair of obsessive bots called clamjam and balagan who can be found in the trAce meeting room at Lingua MOO.

A Speedy Solstice Stichomither, written by Maev, appeared in Alan McDonald's The Longest Day: The Shortest Day which was compiled at Summer Solstice 2000.

There have also been many other collaborative projects online over the years, most of which are now long gone.  Mazzy can sometimes be found on Mastodon as @mazzy@mastodon.online

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