Watermark...writing with a new twist
W a t e r m a r k

Watermark: MA Creative Writing Bath Spa University College 2004     (ISBN: 0-9540526-4-1)

Watermark is a diverse selection of work by thirty-five writers from the MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University College. The book was launched on 28 February 2005 at the Guildhall, Bath as part of The Bath Literature Festival.

The glorious thing is that there is no house style, no school of Newton Park. Everyone is hard at work being as much their own person as possible, with all the creative friction, interplay and warmth that entails.    ó Philip Gross

Christina Archibald
Susie Barrett
Charlotte Barton-Hoare
Tom Bass
Charlie Berridge
Rebecca Brace
Lucy Christopher
Darren Croucher
Felicity Decker
Lisa Fryer
Louise Gethin
Hayley Graham
Helena Halme
James Hayward
Tania Hershman
Owain Jones
Ally Kennen
ZoŽ Kenyon
Alice Maddicott
Piers Marter
Pauline Masurel
Nina Milton
Kristine Nelson
Ann Newbegin
Georgina Newcombe
Robin Pridy
Clare Reddaway
Dan Schickerowsky
Anthony Smith
Pauline Sturges
Zia Trench
Steven Wakefield
Sadie Walters
Ursula Wills-Jones
Angela Woehr